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Terms & Conditions

  • In both our pre-school/toddler classes and holiday/school classes for primary school children, parents/carers accept that they assume full responsibility for their children at all times and accept that they are required to participate in the classes. Parents/carers must supervise their own children and accept full responsibility for ensuring that their child follows instructions and uses the art materials provided in the way directed by the teacher.

  • I agree to follow the directions provided by the teacher at all times. I declare that I am 18 years or older. I agree that if I am not the parent or guardian of the child attending classes that I have the authority of the parent of guardian to sign this agreement and disclaimer.

  • I understand and accept that the art materials provided may be dangerous for adults and children (particularly if ingested or if they come into contact with eyes) and that there is a risk of injury to the child and the parent/carer if they are used incorrectly. I agree to accept any risks of damage, loss, injury or death and that in the event of any damage, loss, injury or death I acknowledge that art explorers and its teachers will not be liable and I waive any claims in this respect for both myself and the children in my care.

  • If a child is absent during the term, we offer ‘make-up’ sessions that can be used at another class run by your teacher. ‘Make-up’ classes must be used before the end of the same term. We do not carry over classes to the next term unless previously agreed by your class teacher.

  • We regret that mid-term refunds are not possible. We will always try and offer our customers a space in another class or you are very welcome to gift your left over classes to another person/child.

  • I accept that art explorers and the teachers have no responsibility for valuables left in classes or unsupervised.

  • art explorers teachers may, from time to time, use physical contact with the children within the session. By attending our classes you give you consent for this.

  • Please avoid snacks during classes as this helps our resources stay clean, avoids any difficulties for other children, and minimizes likelihood of art materials going into the mouth instead of food. If your child needs to eat please take them away from all art materials to do so.


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