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Pirates Ahoy

Aghhhh me hearties it was pirate day at Art Explorers today in preparation for international talk like a pirate day on Monday! For those little pirates who would like to continue their pirate crafts at home here's how to make an old looking treasure map.... 1. Tear bits off the side of a piece of white paper to make it rough round the edges, then scrunch the paper into a tight ball ( my two enjoyed this) . When well scrunched flatten out

2. Get a baking tray ( with high s...ides) that your paper fits into. Have an adult make some strong tea ( 2 tea bags) and let it cool down. Then pour the tea with the tea bags onto the paper. My kids loved squeezing the tea bags and watching the colour soak into the paper. They played with the warm tea bags for quite a while! Leave the paper in the tray for half an hour to an hour.

3. Remove wet paper from the tray and allow to dry ( on scrap paper or cling film) .

4. Once dry decorate your map either with pens or pirate stickers. Remember to mark the pirate treasure!

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