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There were bats, broomsticks, spiders and monsters today at our Halloween class. The art explorers loved watching the hidden and spiders web appear on their paper when they applied the paint and painting with spaghetti broomsticks was a hit! If you would like to make spaghetti broom sticks at home here are the instructions.

1. Tie together a bunch of spaghetti with string - make one tie about 2 thirds of the way up and the other near to the top. Repeat for as many broomsticks as you want.

2.Half fill a small sauce pan with boiling water and dunk the handle end in for about 2 minutes (the end with the string near the top). This is so the handle gets sticky and stays together.

3. Turn your broomstick over so the brush end is in the hot water but the handles are sticking out. Leave in the water for 4- 5 minutes moving the broom end around every now and then (like a paint brush) so the spaghetti does not just stick together.

4. Remove from the pan and leave to cool on grease proof paper

5. Provide poster paints with the broom and let the fun begin.

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