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On the move

Today was our first session back, we were exploring transport and began the session with the floor covered in large rolls of paper to paint with cars, trucks and diggers. The wheels made great marks on the paper and the children enjoyed such an energetic way of painting. Mud playdough used with the construction trucks was a big hit. I made it mud coloured with coffee grinds and cocoa powder so it smelt great too!

If you'd like to continue with the transport theme at home, you could try making one of these cardboard roll cars. My girls loved making these and they have been driving the Sylvanian families around for weeks. I like all the bling they added to their cars!

You'll need a toilet roll, 4 plastic bottle tops, 4 split pins, some paints, stickers (optional)

You'll need to cut a small rectangle in the tube (this is the seat), this must be done by an adult. Then your child can paint the tube. Allow to dry thoroughly (pop on the radiator). In the mean time use a sharp knife to cut a small slit in the four plastic bottle tops (adult only). When dry poke the pins through the bottle top hole and cardboard tube in a suitable wheel position and repeat four times, it can be a bit fiddly to get them through. Get your child to continue to customise the car - little stickers, gems or more details in another colour paint all look great. Then add a figure and have fun driving!

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