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Having recently visited the excellent Matisse exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts I was inspired to return to this wonderful artist for inspiration for our primary class. We spent quite a bit of time looking at examples of his work and also the pictures of the objects he owned that he liked to feature in his paintings The children loved designing colourful wall paper and table clothes for the background for their still life. They spent along time adding lots of details in sharpies and oil pastels and then finished off with a watercolour wash. This was a two week project so once dry we returned to draw the still life objects. I gave the children a wide range of objects to choose to draw including pineapples, plants and coffee pots (I don't own a hot chocolate pot like Matisse unfortunately!). Once they had created some great observational drawings it was time to get the scissors out and cut and then paste them onto the patterned background. The children loved the wide range of materials we used in this project and the bright colours.

Matisse inspired picture by Juliet

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