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Fun with tracing paper

We took part in the schools advent stained glass window project with a super simple technique I remember from my own childhood - tracing paper stained glass. I’ve done lots of stained glass effect projects but many involve lots of complicated cutting of paper that’s rather tricky for young children so I wanted one they could do with guidance rather than me doing lots of it! I was surprised at just how much they loved tracing (the more complicated the design the better),... they all wanted to do it again next week and my two children continued on after dinner and did not want to stop! I know it’s not as creative as some art projects but it’s great for boosting confidence as the kids are thrilled to produce such detailed accurate images. So I recommend investing in some tracing paper this holidays if you need a simple activity to keep your child busy! The finished stained glass also looks lovely taped to the window with the light shining through.

stained glass windows

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