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Amazing homemade fizzing paint

There were plenty of oooohs and ahhhhhhs (from children and parents) as we made our own fizzing paints today. We had a Valentines themed class so made fizzing hearts but you could make these at home on any shape you like -fizzing aliens would be fun! You are likely to have all of the ingredients in your's how to make some. You need:

- card

-bicarbonate of soda (NOT baking powder)

-vinegar- any clear vinegar will do I found the cheap distilled vinegar to be great

-food colourings

-a pipette - if you don't have one you could use a tea spoon

-a baking tray

-a paint palette or some old pots like yogurt pots for mixing the paints in

1. Cut a shape of your choice on thick card, or even better get your child cut it

2. Line a small baking tray with a couple of sheets of kitchen roll, then pop your cut out shape on top

3. Let your child get a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda and cover your entire shape in it, a light layer is fine but a more generous mound it fine too! They can spread it with their fingers.

4. In a palette or pot mix a few drops of food colouring with vinegar (not water) until it looks like runny paint. Before you get started tell your child that its vinegar and not water so to be careful not to splash near eyes.

5. Then the fun begins, use a pipette (demonstrate to your child how to suck up the paint and let it out) to drop colour onto your shape. Amazing fizzing and foaming will take place - I think its best not to tell them what will happen but to let them find out. Wait for the oooohs and ahhhhs - enjoy! This is very much process art as the dried shape, is not very colourful and rather flaky so its not one to display but to experience!


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