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Monoprinting on baking trays

Monoprinting is very satisfying for children as they get quick and impressive results, if they don't like something they can simple roll more paint on and start again and by simply wiping the tray down can add new colours and start the process again. So if you fancy trying this at home, here's what we did in todays class...


Baking trays or another smooth non porous surface like an upturned plastic bowl

Sponge paint rollers

Poster paints

Paper plate or paint rolling trays

Cotton buds or paint brushes

Wet and dry cloth

Paper to fit the size of the tray


- Turn the tray upside down, this is now your canvas

- Squeeze a generous amount of paint onto a paper plate and roll it smooth with the roller

- Apply paint with the roller to the tray creating a smooth even surface

- Then the fun begins - create your image using cotton buds, paint brushes, your finger tips, sponges

- When happy with your image carefully place a sheet of paper on the top and rub it carefully

- Lift carefully to reveal your print

- Wipe your tray clean and dry it and then start the process again!

It's best to use one colour to start with and then build up colours as you go. Have fun!

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