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Exploring paint

So far this term we have explored using paints in many different ways. Of course we paint with paint brushes but we've also tried painting with our feet (amazingly fun and messy!), with salad spinners and cars. Young children love to explore the different marks made and the feel of the paint.

To try the salad spinner art at home you will need an old or cheap salad spinner, poster paints in squeezy bottles, tape and paper. Simply cut out a shape from the paper to fit in the bottom of the salad spinner and attach it with some tape. Help your child squeeze two paint colours onto the paper in the spinner. Put the lid on, and hold the spinner whilst your child uses the spinner to whizz the paint around. Take a look at your creation and continue adding colours and spinning until happy with your art work. Each spin art is unique so its lots of fun seeing how its going to turn out.

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